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Festival Makanan Keukeun @ Lodaya

At September 30th, we visited the unique food festival in Lodaya, which will after this be dubbed as “Keukeun”. After we went through the journey, we arrived there at the peak of its crowd zenith. The festival venue is not that large, but the hysteria of people attending would had been larger than the hosting venue.

Most of the food stalls sell products, innovated by youths alike. Amongst the notable are “Siete Cafe”, “Fingertips”, and “Buavita Icecream”. The natural outcome of the festival appears to be majored by meat dishes, with the sweets remain as minority. The festival itself designed for a “snack festival”, as one does not seek to have their main courses in the festival; rather, the festival holds a wide selection of side dishes that would serve as the visitors culinary purposes.

The festival also held games. Amongst of the unique and interesting to the crowd is, the game to blend the fruits and vegetables with bicycles. And “test your strength” game of which a boxer’s bag are put to test the people of their strength. Also, there are games of which balloon on the back of a boxer, when the balloon explodes, a free portion of satay is awarded.

There were also performing groups, interesting to behold of. The youth typical groups such as DJs, Bands, and Celebrity Chefs, the chef demonstrated how to blend a healthy juice properly. The juice itself was typical, by the hype over it that made the demonstration special.

The documentation of the event is on the following:





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